MOTOCRAFT - Inductors, Coils & Transformers

Surface Mount Wire Wound Type Inductors

We offer to our Surface Mount - Wire Wound Type Inductors which are available in market with a very cost effective price and can be customized as per their requirement and specification. Features: Chip Inductors Common Mode Choke Chip Inductors - [ Molded Type ] SMD Power Inductors CMCA type- Common mode choke

Surface Mount Multilayer Type

We are providing Surface Mount - Multilayer type to our customers as per their requirement and specification.


  • Ferrite Chip Bead
  • Ferrite Chip Inductor
  • High Frequency Ceramic Chip Inductor
  • Monolithic Chip Varistors
  • Transient Voltage Suppressor

Transformers Inductor Coils

Silicon Components Pvt Ltd is the authorized distributor for Motorcraft Enterprises- Taiwan which manufactures coils & transformers.

Motorcraft offers the following Product Range:

  • Surface Mount Components - Chip Beads, Inductors, Varistors, Common Mode Chokes, Transformers
  • Wire Wound Type Components - Inductors, Common Mode Chokes
  • Leaded Components - Coils, Transformers & Air Coils

Toroid Chokes:

  • Power Chokes, Transformers, Current Sense Transformers
  • Conformal Inductors, Axial & Radial type chokes
  • LAN Components
  • Cable Wire & Connector Assemblies

Leaded Type Choke Coils


    • Common Mode Choke
    • RF Choke-Axial type
    • Radial Type choke
    • Flat coil

    Toroidal Type Transformer Coils

    We are offering a premium quality of Toroidal Type Transformer Coils to our customers which are available in market as per our client requirement and specification.


    • Common mode choke (with housing)
    • Storage Choke
    • Data and signal line choke
    • XDSL Transformer
    • Dual SMT Inductor
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